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Our Guardians

Our Services

Guardian Property Protection Ltd are market leaders in providing solutions for vacant properties nationwide.
The Guardian Security Solution

Inspection - We inspect your property for suitability and compliance with the Fire and Health & Safety legislation.
Recommendation - Our Legal Team constructs a tailored property protection agreement for the property owner.
Preparation - Our Facility Management and Maintenance Teams ensure the property is up to the standards we expect.
Installation - The vetted and successful Guardians sign a License to Occupy and are managed from there on by our Property Management Team.
Property Hand Back - When you require the property back; we give 14 days notice to our Guardians and return the property to you in its exact original condition.
Property Maintenance &
Facilities Management

We offer a comprehensive range of additional services carried out by our Management and Maintenance Teams including:

Property Renovation
Inspectionsl Healthy and Safety
Waste Removal and Cleaning
Gardening Services
Regeneration Specialist

Additional Services

Hybrid Security
Should additional security requirements be desired GPP have a variety of additional arrangements to offer and can tailor our services to your needs.
Flexi Guardians
GPP Flexi Guardians offer a variety of additional services including internal and perimeter checks, compliance checks and many more.
High end House Sitting
Bespoke house sitting is offered to clients owning high end properties while they are away for short breaks or extended period of absence.
Vacant Property Specialists

Empty Property Rates
We have a understanding with the Valuation Office to charge council tax instead removing the properties we protect off the Non Domestic Rating Lists for the entire period of occupation.
Reduced Insurance Premiums
Given our properties are secured by occupation we have successfully reduced premiums on insurance policies.
Tailored Legal Framework
The owner of the property grants GPP a ‘Property Protection Agreement’ for the premises and we in turn grant the Property Guardian a ‘Licence to Occupy.