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Becoming a Property Guardian

Becoming a Property Guardian With GPP
There are huge advantages to becoming a GPP Property Guardian
Key attractions are:
The opportunity to live in unusual, eclectic buildings, with generous living space.
Freedom from Council Tax, Gas, Electric
and other utility bills
An all-round form of low cost living
A wide choice of locations
Flexibility over the term length of your
temporary accommodation
Once you have registered and passed our selection to become a Guardian with GPP, we seek to install you quickly and to build a great relationship between us. 
Great relationships are the key to our success and we hope that you remain working with us into the future – maybe as a “Guardian for Life”.
We offer a ‘Merit Reward System’. This is based on how reliable you are, the time you have been a GPP Guardian and how much of an asset you have proven to be in our properties. 
Merit Rewards gives you;
A choice of locations and properties accross the UK for your next temporary posting
A high chance of getting first choice in which part of a property you will occupy
A discount on your license fees
Potential Head Guardianship opportunities for you - reducing your costs still further
To become a Property Guardian you must meet the following criteria;
Be in full-time employment or a Post Graduate Student with proof of income
Be over the age of 21
Provide us acceptable employment and previous landlord reference
Provide an acceptable credit reportIf you would like to become a Property Guardian, please register your details below and someone will be in contact with you very soon
"...if you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us."

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All information recieved here is confidential and used only by GPP-UK, it will not shared with any 3rd parties.