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Our Integrity

Our solutions offers social, environmental and economic benefits to the surrounding
local communities of the
properties we protect.

Affordable Housing

The UK has been hit with a major housing crisis making it impossible for many people to afford their own room. The focus of our solution is to offer cheap, affordable yet spacious and dynamic accommodation to the people who would not normally be able to afford it.

Local Values

Not only do we protect local values through reducing the number of vacant properties affecting the landscape but also have their best interests at heart reducing low levels of crime such as anti social behaviour, asset stripping, fly tipping, squatting and encouraging social cohesion and supporting community engagement.

Greater Good

Our solution helps to reduce numbers of empty properties nationwide while simultaneously offering affordable accommodation. GPP are also proud to support local public services such as Councils, NSH, Emergency Services, Universities, Charities and Religious Orders.

" I wanted to take this opportunity to express a serious concern of ours. Its clear that we offer significantly reduced security to our clients, however many Guardian companies are quick to forget that we have a greater duty of care and responsibility. We have the opportunity to offer affordable accommodation to people from your community. Guardian Property Protection are a socially responsible company and take the care of our communities and guardians seriously. All we ask is that you can take the time to think outside of the costs and savings and take into account the corporate social responsibility we each have to our communities. This is only achieved if this is the core focus of companies involved and GPP Ltd believe such responsibility is the essence of modern day business,
Thank you

Sean Potter ~ Managing Director,
Guardian Property Protection Ltd.